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Meet Rachael

I'm an avid reader and am on track to read about 200 books this year. Not only am I an avid reader but also my reading is rather eclectic. At times, I go through phases where I read a bunch of mysteries or self-help books. However, generally I will jump from contemporary adult fiction to history to science fiction to young adult without missing a beat. I can say for certain, I do not read romance or erotica. After that, my only requirement is that a book be well-written.

Ever since I started this book blog, people often ask me if I studied English or writing in college. Actually, I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, which has given me computer programming experience and a meticulous eye for detail. All these skills have combined to make me excellent at all the behind-the-scenes aspects of blogging.

I currently live in Utah, married to my favorite person in the entire world – Mark, the engineer. We have four adorable little children ages 8 and under. I love to read in my pajamas, explore the outdoors with my little ones, and scheme up vacations to every inch of the globe.